Hi, my name is Anna and I am the owner of Fable Fabrics.     

As a mum of three boys, there is nothing I enjoy more than time alone with my sewing machine.

Sewing clothes brings me joy, (and sometimes frustration!) and a huge sense of satisfaction.  I have sewed on the same Bernina my whole life, since my mother taught me as a young girl.


About Me......

1. I ADORE New York City and London

2. I follow recipes to the letter

3. I love a good Netflix binge session 

When my boys were little, I wanted to make pyjamas for them. On the hunt for fun fabrics which weren’t the usual mainstream offerings, I discovered Lillestoff fabrics, and instantly fell in love with their designs. Soon I was making the most divine sleepwear.

Fast forward 10 years beautiful European jersey knit is still hard to come by in this corner of the world.  Now Fable Fabrics is changing all that.


What’s different about Fable Fabrics?

We specialise in selling quality jersey knit that is earth friendly. Each fabric has been personally handpicked, steering away from twee, cheesy, mass-produced prints and opting for modern, fun, high quality fabrics.  We hope you love them as much as we do.

These European designed and manufactured textiles are soft and snuggly, versatile, but best of all, look incredible when sewn into garments. 

Jersey knit is stretchy, absorbent fabric, making it perfectly practical with maximum comfort. You can make all manner of sewing projects:

  • Baby wraps
  • Adult t-shirts, pyjamas, pants
  • Pillowcases
  • Underwear
  • Baby clothes, onesies, leggings, t-shirts, dresses.


Playing our Part to Care for the Earth

The world’s environment is in a bad way, and the clothing and textile industry is responsible for a large part of it. Fable Fabrics have taken small steps to reduce the impact of ‘fast fashion’ by offering GOTS or OEKO-TEX certified organic fabrics.

In the near future we are also planning to sell matching thread which is made from recycled polyester and metal poppers (snaps) for garments (typically made from plastic).

Our postal bags are compostable, and our packaging is recyclable. 


So, if you need inspiration for your next sewing project, see Fable’s adorable range of prints and matching threads.  We're adding to the collection all the time, so keep checking back. 

Feel the joy of making.